Equities and Futures Traders: Save up to 33%

Simplify your life and pay less with TradingBlock.

Trade it all: Stocks, Options & Futures.

Consolidate your equities and futures accounts with TradingBlock to earn special commission discounts below our regular rates, and even steeper discounts if you're an active trader.

Open and fund one equities and one futures account with a minimum of $5,000 each, and qualify for reduced minimums and lower rates from our standard rate plans:

Security Class Discount Rate
Stocks & ETF's: 0.001 per share; $5 minimum (33% lower minimum)
Stock Options: $5.00 + $0.50 per contract (33% off)
Futures: $1.99 per contract (20% off)
Options on Futures: $1.99 per contract (20% off)

Ready to get started?

All current and new TradingBlock self-directed, non-professional account holders qualify. If you're an active trader, talk to us about a custom deep discount rate schedule tailored for your trading strategy.

Additional technology and data fees may apply for active trading platforms. Talk to a TradingBlock representative for details or click here. Additional fees may apply for broker-assisted transactions.





  • Standard stock and stock option commission rate: Option: $7.50 base ticket plus $0.75 per contract; Stock: 0.001 per share; $7.50 minimum. One base ticket charge for option spreads up to 4 legs.
  • Standard futures and futures options commission rate: $2.50 per contract (per side).
  • Listed commission rates do not include exchange or regulatory fees. TradingBlock reserves the right to rescind or modify this special commission discount at any time.