We offer customers a choice of trading platforms that will fit whatever your trading needs may be.

OEC Trader is an easy to use electronic trading platform that handles all of the complexities associated with trading and order management. From streaming quotes to full communication with our trade desk, OEC Trader´s interface gives you instant access to our full suite of tools.

Depth of Market (DOM) – Trade and track your futures positions through our Depth of Market (DOM) window. One-click order placement allows active traders to place, modify, and cancel orders. Track your current P+L.

Charts – Our built-in charting functionality gives you a view of market activity. It is customizable up to ten different charting styles. View your orders and trade from the charts.

Quotes – Fast, free and reliable market data straight from the exchanges. This window provides real-time streaming data which can be customized to your preference.

Options and Strategies – You have the ability to trade both pit and electronic futures and options. You can also place orders for inter-market and intra-market spreads.

Market Replay – Allows traders to record trading sessions and play them back in simulated mode which will allow you review and try different trading strategies.


Set your profit and loss bracketing with our intuitive one-click feature or our advanced multi-bracket and breakout bracket settings.


Exercise your futures options with OEC Trader. Our custom options screen can execute all exchange supported electronic options and options strategies.

Trade from Charts

You have the functionality to trade directly from our built-in charting module. Use our cutting edge technology to easily monitor your order flow directly from the chart. Our charts provide full ordering capabilities including modifies, cancels, brackets and trailing stops.

Symbol Lookup

Easily locate contracts by searching by symbol, description, exchange, and much more.


Contact support without interrupting your trading! With our secure chatting feature embedded into OEC Trader you can get help or discuss trades with our brokers without even leaving the application.

Custom Trade Reports

Reporting is easy and convenient with our integrated reporting module. View or export your various reporting options using multiple formats including: Online, Excel, PDF and more.