With a Full-Service Account, your TradingBlock broker will work with you one on one to develop a plan based on your experience and goals. They will also help you develop trade ideas and assist in placing orders. Our brokers can provide you with insightful information which includes both fundamental and technical information.

A Full-Service Account is ideal for:
  • Traders who are new to trading
  • Experienced traders who follow an independent advisory service and want an experienced broker to execute complex, multi-stage trades.
  • Traders who want to evaluate trading ideas and risk parameters with a broker.
  • Traders who may wish to have assistance with placing orders.
  • Someone who prefers to deal with someone one on one.
  • Someone who cannot be in front of their trading screen every day.
With a Full-Service Account you receive the following benefits:
  • Access to a diverse range of trading platforms
  • Online account access (positions and statements)
  • Broker and trading support
  • Ability to execute multi-leg strategies
  • One-on-one with a dedicated broker
  • Complimentary research
  • Discussion of trading ideas and related analysis
  • Newsletter subscriptions available
  • A broker who can place trades, modify orders and give you quotes if needed